Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC) Supported Configurations





This document covers the solid-state drives (SSD), operating systems (OS), and configurations supported by Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC). If any of this information conflicts with the support information provided by a platform OEM or ODM, the platform documentation and configurations should take precedence.

The support guidance is dependent on the Intel VROC version being used. This document is for Intel VROC 7.5. If you are using another Intel VROC version, please reference the Supported Configurations guide for that version.

Intel® VROC Supported Configuration Guides
Intel VROC 7.5 (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 180 KB
Date: March 2021
Intel VROC 7.0 (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 109 KB
Date: September 2020
Intel® VROC 6.3 (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 107 KB
Date: September 2020
Intel® VROC 6.2 (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 93 KB
Date:  September 2020
Intel® VROC 6.1 (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 381 KB
Date: July 2019
Intel® VROC 6.0 (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 372 KB
Date: December 2018
Intel® VROC 5.5 (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 366 KB
Date: September 2018
Intel® VROC 5.4 (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 366 KB
Date: April 2018
Intel® VROC 5.3 (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 367 KB
Date: October 2017
Intel® VROC 5.2 (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 367 KB
Date: July 2017
Intel® VROC 5.1 (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 367 KB
Date: May 2017

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Note If you are looking to download a specific version of Intel VROC or upgrade to a certain release, please contact your platform provider. The releases available to you will depend on the platform and OS being used.


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