Intel® VROC vs. Previous Intel® RSTe: Name Change Explained


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Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC) Name Change For 6.0 (PDF) PDF icon
Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU 6.0 (Intel® VROC 6.0) is launching in Q1 2019 with Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors Gen. 2 and the Purley-Refresh Platform. This release includes consolidation of the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (Intel® RSTe) and Intel® VROC product names: Only the Intel® VROC name will remain and include all functionality. The Intel® RSTe name will no longer be used. The actual support and functionality on a given platform will not change. Functionality will depend on the HW/chipset/CPU in a given platform.

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Date: July 2010

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