Intel® Memory and Storage Tool: Quick Tips on How to View Drive Details, Update Firmware, and Pull SMART Logs


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The Intel® Memory and Storage Tool (Intel® MAS) combines the functionality and support of other tools such as the Intel® SSD Toolbox, Intel® Datacenter Tool and Intel® SSD Pro Admin Tool.

The tool can be used with the GUI (Graphical User Interface, or CLI (Command Line Interface). With each you can monitor and manage your Intel SSDs health, keep the firmware up to date and view relevant logs for further analysis.

Use this article to get quick guidance on some key capabilities as noted below.

Note: This video is also helpful to explore health monitoring and firmware updates with Intel® MAS

Resources: The application, Installation Guide and User Guides are all available in Download Center:

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Display drive information and health

List basic information about all devices attached to the system.


Command: intelmas.exe show -intelssd

Example output:

Example output



Display of health information and drive details can be found on the main page for each Intel® SSD in the system.

Health information and drive details


Update the firmware

If a firmware update is available in the tool for a device in the system, it can be updated by doing the following:


Command (# is the index number of the drive to be updated): intelmas.exe load -intelssd #


To find the index number of the device in the system the command to display drive information can be used: imas.exe show -intelssd

RAID support:

  • Supported: The Intel® RST RAID supports direct attached SSD SATA drives only and drives attached to LSI MegaRAID adaptors.
  • Not supported: Drives behind HBAs.

Example output:

Example output



The device home page will display if there is a firmware update available. If there is not a firmware update available, confirm that you are on the latest version of the tool by pressing Check For Updates.

Check for firmware update


The update can be completed on the Firmware Update page:

Firmware Update page


View SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) Logs


Common commands to view SMART attributes:

Command (List support SMART attributes): intelmas.exe show -smart

Command (List a specific SMART attribute): intelmas.exe show -smart E9

Example output:

Example output



The SMART attributes can be located in the GUI under the Features Drop down in Drive Details.

Drive Details



These can be viewed in the tool, or exported with the Export button.

Export button


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