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Intel® NUC NUC11TN and NUC11PA's Fan Continues to Run While in Sleep Mode


Thermal sensors in the Intel NUC11TN/PA, near the CPU, must read 25 degrees C or below for the fan to turn off.


When the Intel® NUC11PA/TN is in sleep mode (Modern Standby - S0 idle) the fan continues to run.


The fan turns off when the internal temperature of the NUC falls below 25 degrees C, even in sleep mode.

Alternatively try Disabling Modern Standby.

Note:Disabling Modern Standby requires editing the Windows Registry. Understand the risks before attempting.


Additional information

In most environments, the Intel NUC11PA and NUC11TN have an internal temperature reading of about 30 to 40 degrees C while in Modern Standby (S0 idle).
The NUC's internal temperature is affected by the power state of the system, and the temperature of its environment.



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