T-Guard Parallel Port Settings

To use the T-guard on a parallel port other than LPT1, you must configure the Sentinel driver.

Note: Some cable drivers are not available for download on this page. They are available after you install the Intel® Quartus® Prime software in the <Intel Quartus Prime Installation Directory>\drivers directory.

Installing the Driver

If you have not installed the Sentinel driver yet, follow these instructions:

Configuring the Driver

  1. Double-click the setupx86.exe file in the drivers directory of your Intel Quartus Prime software or MAX®+PLUS® II software installation.
  2. Choose Configure Sentinel Driver from the Functions menu.
  3. Configure all the LPT ports in your machine. Make sure that the Use? field is set to "Yes" only for the parallel port your T-guard is connected to.
  4. Exit the utility after all the LPT ports have been configured.
  5. Reboot the system.