PowerPlay Early Power Estimator Download Stratix® III Devices

The PowerPlay early power estimator results for Stratix® III devices are based on preliminary and characterized power data. Any results obtained while using this estimator are preliminary. The Stratix III PowerPlay early power estimator provides a current (ICC) and power (P) estimate based on various typical conditions (such as room temperature and nominal VCC).

Note: These calculations should only be used as an estimation of power, not as a specification. The actual ICC should be verified during device operation, as this measurement is sensitive to the actual pattern in the device and the environmental operating conditions.

Instructions for Using the PowerPlay Early Power Estimator for Stratix III Devices

  1. To use the PowerPlay early power estimator Stratix III devices, Microsoft Excel* must be installed on your computer.
  2. Open the spreadsheet, select the targeted family and packages from the Input Parameter section in the Main tab of PowerPlay Early Power Estimator.
  3. Enter the resources that going to use in the design. Make sure the toggle rate of the resources match hardware performance.
  4. After finish enter all the resources in the PowerPlay Early power estimator, go back to Main tab to check Total Power, Static Power, Power Supply Current, and etc.

Please select a Microsoft Excel* version of PowerPlay Early Power Estimator Stratix III devices below:

Microsoft Excel 93-2007* &
Microsoft Excel 2010* 32 bit

Microsoft Excel 2010* 64 bit

Download Estimator

Download Estimator

Note: A macro is embedded within the PowerPlay early power estimator for Stratix III devices that allows you to reset all user-entered values. If you disable the macro, you will need to reset all user-entered values manually.