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Here you will find information on how to ensure signal integrity and power integrity in your high-speed designs.

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Get support resources for Intel Stratix® 10, Intel Arria® 10, and Intel Cyclone® 10 devices from the pages below. For other devices, search from the following links: Documentation ArchiveTraining CoursesVideos and WebcastsDesign Examples, and Knowledge Base.

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SERDES Channel Simulation with IBIS-AMI Models


Learn about the need for accurate signal integrity simulation and analysis when designing high-speed PCBs using Intel FPGA transceivers.

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Use the IBIS-AMI Model to Estimate Signal Integrity of Intel Arria 10 Transceiver

Learn how to perform a signal integrity simulation with an Intel Arria 10 transceiver IBIS-AMI model in the Advanced Link Analyzer. Additionally, this video covers eye diagram reporting.

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