Solid State Drives

Intel manufactures industry leading solid state drives (SSDs) targeting data center, professional, consumer, and embedded products. Offer your customers Intel® SSDs featuring leading performance and high reliability.

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Push Boundaries with Intel® Optane™ Memory

Offer your customers an unparalleled combination of speed, endurance and density that delivers unmatched responsiveness and amazing new experiences.

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Get resources, tools, and information about product and points promotions to take your storage business to the next level. Learn what is available for you to provide the best storage solution to your customers.

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Discover the Opportunity

  • SSDs are the ultimate hard drive upgrade in desktops, notebooks, mini PCs, workstations, and servers.
  • Many consumer PCs today are still using hard drives, providing a huge opportunity to upgrade customers to Intel® SSDs.
  • Managed IT and corporate client systems also benefit from fast and reliable storage.
  • The enterprise server market creates a two-fold opportunity, selling up from hard drives to SSDs, and selling up from SATA SSDs to high performance PCIe* SSDs.

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Intel® SSD Data Center Family

Consistently amazing performance for NVMe*/ PCIe* and SATA with broad industry compatibility, and robust enterprise RAS features.

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Intel® SSD Professional Family

Enhanced security and remote manageability with Intel® vPro™ technology for the corporate client.

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Intel® SSD Consumer Family

Impressive performance with NVMe*/PCIe* and SATA for enthusiasts and mainstream consumers.

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Intel® SSD Embedded Family

Low power, lower capacities — all with Intel reliability for IoT and embedded applications.

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Intel® SSD Data Center Family for PCIe*: A Next-Generation High-Performance Solution

Find out how the Intel® SSD Data Center family for PCIe can provide data centers with next generation performance, flexibility, endurance, and reliability.

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Move Your Data Center from Legacy HDDs to Modern Intel® SSDs

Learn how transitioning from enterprise 10K & 15K hard disk drives onto the Intel® SATA Solid State Drive family can improve your data center total cost of ownership.

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The Intel® SSD 540s Series & Intel® SSD Pro 5400s Series

Learn about the features and benefits of the Intel® SSD 540s Series and Intel® SSD 5400s Series, Intel's first client SSDs based on triple-level cell NAND.

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The Intel® SSD Data Center Family for SATA: The Storage Performance Solution

Find out how the Intel® Solid-State Drive (SSD) Data Center (DC) family for Serial ATA (SATA), continues to provide data centers with the stress-free protection, flexibility, endurance, and reliability needed to overcome the challenges of high-performance storage.

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Intel® SSD 3D NAND

Learn how 3D NAND technology is opening the door to more capacity through higher density, lower cost per gigabyte and the confidence in performance and speed of solid-state memory.

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3D XPoint™ Unveiled —The Next Breakthrough in Memory Technology

Learn about 3D XPoint™ technology, and how this next breakthrough that combines memory and storage in one non-volatile device that is cheaper than DRAM and faster than NAND.

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