The Future-Ready Platform for the Hybrid-Cloud, Data Fueled Enterprise

Grow your business and innovate faster with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor-based solutions optimized to support a wide range of existing and emerging workloads for modern hybrid-clouds.

Is Your Business Future-Ready?

Power Your Future-Ready Cloud with Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

Up to 65% lower TCO compared to previous generation Intel® Xeon® processor1

Replace 4.2 four-year old systems with one server2

1.65X Average performance increase across key mission-critical workloads, compared to previous generation Intel® Xeon® processors3

Hybrid Cloud

Explore how investing in hybrid cloud strategies can grow your business and help your customers reduce TCO, boost security and reliability.

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Processor Overview

Transition Customers with the Future-Forward Infrastructure Platform for Agile Digital Services

Get the most out of the transition opportunity that comes with upgrading customers to platform-connected servers powered by the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor.

Market Ready Solutions

Fast To Market Cloud Solution Options

Get a faster path to new services and differentiated service delivery, providing customers with a more secure, agile, and responsive option for workload-optimized performance.

Ready to Scale with Microsoft SQL Server* 2016

Hyper-Tune Storage with VMware vSAN* 6.6

80% of workloads will run on cloud architecture by 2024.1 Intel Cloud Blocks are preconfigured and validated to help you get your customers to the cloud sooner and easier.

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Essential Tools and Cloud Resources

Get partner-only resources to plan, build, and deploy your cloud data center solutions.

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Drive innovation and accelerate optimized Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) deployments.

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Simplify access to cloud solutions using fully validated, pre-configured Intel-based server systems.

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Explore building cloud solutions on the trusted Intel® platform, and get the agility and security your business needs to innovate .

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Not all processors are created equal. Learn key considerations for choosing Intel® Xeon® processors over the competition.

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Use this tool to receive transition recommendations from previous generation Intel® Xeon® processors and compare the TCO of your selections.

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Use the online CTO Tool to build to specific requirements and automate the quoting process.

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Core Curriculum

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Learn about the benefits of Private Cloud over legacy systems and Public Cloud.

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Explore the different cloud infrastructures, and discover which solution is right for your customers.

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Have fun and test your knowledge to see how much you know about transforming the data center with the new Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family platform.

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Get an overview of the cohesive security strategy that emphasizes Intel’s Data Center leadership within the ecosystem and clarifies the key capabilities Intel® platforms deliver.

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Learn technical details about key technologies of the Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, including Intel®AVX-512, Intel® QAT, Intel® VMD and Intel® Xeon® Processor with Acceleration.

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This training will help you be able to discuss focus features for Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and apply to your customer’s use cases.

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Explore Cloud trends for SMB, your opportunities for sales and why businesses should choose Hybrid Cloud solutions and the platform to help them transform their infrastructure.

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Build and execute powerful campaigns using new Intel hybrid-cloud assets.

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Learn & Earn on Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud - Microsoft Windows Server* 2016

Earn 10,000 points on your first order of Intel® Microsoft Cloud Block and 1,000 points per block on all subsequent orders.

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Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

Get the blistering performance of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and earn up to 1350 points per unit.

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Find the latest product promotions and rebates, search inventories, and more.

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Product and Performance Information


Up to 65% lower 4-year TCO estimate example based on equivalent rack performance using VMware ESXi* virtualized consolidation workload comparing 20 installed 2-socket servers with Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2690 (formerly “Sandy Bridge-EP”) running VMware ESXi* 6.0 GA using Guest OS RHEL* 6.4 compared at a total cost of $919,362 to 5 new Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8180 (Skylake) running VMware ESXi* 6.0 U3 GA using Guest OS RHEL* 6 64 bit at a total cost of $320,879 including basic acquisition. Server pricing assumptions based on current OEM retail published pricing for Broadwell based servers – subject to change based on actual pricing of systems offered.


Up to 4.2x more VMs based on server virtualization consolidation workload: Based on Intel® internal estimates 1-Node, 2 x Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2690 on Romley-EP with 256 GB Total Memory on VMware ESXi* 6.0 GA using Guest OS RHEL* 6.4, glassfish3.1.2.2, postgresql9.2. Data Source: Request Number: 1718, Benchmark: server virtualization consolidation, Score: 377.6 @ 21 VMs vs. 1-Node, 2 x Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8180 processor on Wolf Pass SKX with 768 GB Total Memory on VMware ESXi6.0 U3 GA using Guest OS RHEL* 6 64 bit. Data Source: Request Number: 2563, Benchmark: server virtualization consolidation, Score: 1580 @ 90 VMs. Higher is better.


1.65X Average Performance Gains: Geomean based on Normalized Generational Performance (estimated based on Intel internal testing of  OLTP Brokerage, SAP SD 2-Tier, HammerDB, Server-side Java, SPEC*int_rate_base2006, SPEC*fp_rate_base2006, Server Virtualization, STREAM* triad, LAMMPS, DPDK L3 Packet Forwarding, Black-Scholes, Intel® Distribution for LINPACK* Benchmark.