Specialty Benefits

If you resell or recommend technology products to your customers, Intel® Technology Provider offers exclusive benefits and rewards to give you a competitive edge in key market segments.

Grow Your Business with Specialty Benefits

In addition to tier-level benefits of Intel® Technology Provider, partners can qualify to unlock even more powerful Specialty Benefits. These benefits can help partners get a competitive advantage in supplying complete solutions to their new and existing customers. To qualify, partners must first meet the criteria for membership status, sales volume, and training.

Specialty Benefits Tailored for Key Market Segments

Use exclusive, partner-only resources to help you plan, build, and deploy your cloud data center solutions efficiently.

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Get the competitive advantage in supplying complete solutions to your education customers.

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Earn specialty benefits and get exclusive, partner-only resources to win in the Enthusiast PC market segment.

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Get the resources to help you plan and deliver your data center solutions with optimal performance and rapid efficiency.

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Maximize your membership with these specialty benefits for IoT solution providers.

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Take advantage of limited –time products and points promotions.

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Become an Intel® Technology Provider, and take advantage of membership benefits such as product promotions, training, and marketing materials.

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